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Broward LAAIA hosts monthly meetings in Broward with average attendance between 75 to 100 agents and agencies representatives. Annual sponsorships include attendance at up to 10 monthly meetings per 12 month period plus all the exciting benefits below.

Sponsorships will not be rolled over unless Broward LAAIA fails to host at least 6 meetings.

2019 Sponsorship Benefits

BenefitMcFly $750Flux Capacitor $1,500SOLD OUT
Clock Tower $2,500
DeLorean $5,000*
Dinner Meeting Attendance for 1 X X X X
Dinner Meeting Attendance for 2       X
Presence on Website: The larger the sponsorship, the larger the logo X X X X
1 Month Newsletter / 2 Facebook   X    
1 Ticket to Installation Dinner   X    
2 Months Newsletter (1/4 qtr page) / 4 Facebook Ads     X  
3 Months Newsletter / 6 Facebook Ads       X
2 Tickets to Installation Dinner     X  
4 Tickets to Installation Dinner       X
1 Dinner Meeting Sponsorship     X  
The Night is Yours: Monthly meeting sponsorship and cocktail hour       X
1 Cocktail Sponsorship for Dinner Meeting       X
Installation Dinner Sponsorship       X
Installation Dinner Eblasts     X X
1 Tee-sign for Annual Golf Tournament       X
President's Thank You Eblast     X X
1 Dinner Ticket to Annual Golf Tournament     X X
Signage at Installation Dinner   X  X X
Recognition at Installation Dinner   X  X X
Plaque Recognition at Installation Dinner   X  X X
Signage at Monthly Meeting      X X
1 Ticket to Sponsor Appreciation Night X X    
2 Tickets to Sponsor Appreciation Night      X  X
Logo on New Step and Repeat        X
List of Emails from Attendees     X  X

*DeLorean - only 5 opportunities exist

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